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Importance of Clean Drinking Water

importance of clean drinking water | Clean water

Water is a basic necessity of livelihood. Any human being cannot live more than 3-4 days without water. Inaccessibility of clean drinking water is the reason for hundreds of thousands of deaths across the world; mainly due to dehydration and other various diseases. In fact, access to clean drinking water is a basic human right as per the UN charter of human rights. Still, millions of people around the globe are denied this basic right of having access to clean drinking water. It is simply horrifying to imagine that in today’s technological world where humans are racing towards the moon and mars, people are not aware of the importance of clean drinking water.

Below, we will be looking at some reasons why access to clean drinking water is a basic human right, which should be provided under all circumstances.
  1. Provides Nourishment

Water is a basic requirement. Water provides a significant amount of nutrients to humans. A human body consists of nearly 70% of water, which clearly reflects the importance of water. Humans need to be sufficiently hydrated for the proper functioning of their mind and body system. It also helps in blood circulation that helps the organs work well.

  1. Reduce The Disease 

Clean and safe Water helps to prevent many diseases. Many types of diseases occur due to unhygienic water. Water does not only help in maintaining a good health but it also keeps humans safe from severe diseases

  1. Keep The Body Free From Toxins

Fresh and clean water is a great source to deal with any kind of toxins in your body, whether these toxins occur due to eating unhygienic food or generated because of some bodily reactions.

  1. Needed For Food Production

Water also helps in food production. The crops and grains will be damaged if contaminated water is given to them and therefore it is necessary to use the water that comes from clean and safe water.

  1. Required for Sanitation Facilities

Fresh is not essential only for drinking but it is equally important for sanitation processes as well. If clothes, utensils and the body does not wash with clean water it also generates many diseases. And it is also important in the basic parts of our life such as cleaning, cooking, planting, and other basic tasks.



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