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Support Vulnerable Children to Thrive During Pandemic

Support Vulnerable Children to Thrive During Pandemic - Charitable trust | Sponsor an orphan | Orphanage uk| Help a Child Project

At one point, where we have seen COVID 19 hit every person in world, it hasn’t left the children alone. From the financial issues to health issues, to the security issues, the survival was at risk for people everywhere. Every responsible community has raised awareness about giving support to vulnerable children in this hard time.

Here are some of the ways of giving support to vulnerable children through which any of these children can be offered assistance, such as:
  • By making sure that they have a reach to good health system. Essential items must be provided to the children. Health workers in the risky areas must have all the training and  capability of handling the emergency issues.
  • Not only adults, but many of the children are also unable to get the basic hygiene. Clean water to drink & for hygiene purposes is one of the main problems they face while living in slums, remote areas, or if they are homeless. By donating to the concerned authorities, sending water can become very feasible.
  • Children’s education has suffered a lot during pandemic. Privileged children even able to cope with their educational gap, but it get very difficult for the marginalized children to get education when they are left in between. It has usually seen that after pandemic, unprivileged children have hardly returned to school.
  • Another way of helping poor children is that we can support their families by helping them financially. Not only that government can pay them social security for the assistance of such children, but individuals can also assist these families by paying them some amount.
  • Food distribution on a regular basis proves helpful too. It helps in overcoming food scarcity for such unprivileged families. This way, one can help reduce poverty to some extent.
  • Abusive behavior with children is also on peak when they are living under strict situations. For instance, during the lockdown, children can’t go out or even to school where they could seek any help from abusive parents or guardians. It is also very difficult for the social service to reach for such children’s help. In this regard, we must keep an eye on our neighborhood and surroundings if there are any kids in help. Not to forget that there are also children around whose parents are in isolation or unwell due to COVID 19.

Vigilance of surroundings is also the way of keeping and helping vulnerable children secure and it’s our social responsibility as well.

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