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The Constitution of Pakistan guarantees the right of education for all children aged 5–16 years. This right is reinforced by laws, policies and programmes at both federal and provincial levels. According to a report by UNICEF over 6.5 million children are currently not in primary school and another 2.7 million are not in lower secondary school. These children, as well as those who are at risk of dropping out, are being denied the right to a full basic education.

In Pakistan, children often face structural inequalities and disparities. These are most commonly linked with gender biases, poverty, child labour, inadequacies in schools and teachers especially in rural and remote areas, lack of infrastructure and school facilities especially for girls, problems with the processes of devolution and decentralisation, weak coordination between the public, private and non-profit sectors, and inadequate budget allocations and resource distribution.

Help A Child Project believes that by understanding the bigger picture through this systematic analysis, it is hoped that policies and strategies to address the problem of out-of-school children in Pakistan can be refined and strengthened to ensure the more equitable targeting of excluded groups of children, both by programmes within the education sector and more widely through targeted social protection measures.

In its endeavours, Help A Child Project funded educational material at a local setting in Pakistan, the SOS Children’s Village. It is a orphaned child charity, providing homes, mothers and hope for children in need.




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