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Education for Refugee Children & the Role of Charity Programs

Education for Refugee Children & the Role of Charity Programs| Refugee |best charities to donate to uk

Education is the basic right of every child. There are many reasons due to which they are unable to have access to quality education. Displacement is one of the biggest reasons that deprive children of education. This is why providing education for refugee children is one of the major tasks for governments.

Help a Child Project is working with the aim to send every child to school. Millions of refugee children are out of school that are also not willing to attend school for several other reasons. Child abuse, domestic violence, absence of resources, and zero reaches to the school are the reasons that most of the children cannot learn to read or write.

Children from war zones are mostly left behind due to unfortunate circumstances.  In 2016, 60 percent of Syrian children were attending schools because of war. Whereas, before that, ninety-four percent of children were attending schools in Syria. 35 percent of these children are registered with UNHCR who are of school-going age.

What is the Help a Child project doing?

The main aim of the Help a Child Project is to make sure that every child is back to school. We are striving to bring a safe learning environment for the children where they could utilize their skills. This charity organization pulls children from the dark arenas of war-torn abbeys and recognizes their potential.

Alongside fundamental education, we also provide girls and boys with skill development training. This training helps them in boosting their confidence and do not indulge in any illegal activity. Most of the refugee children are at the risk of exposing themselves to unlawful actions. By sending them to school, they actually get another ear to tell their fears to someone who could understand them better and solve their problems.

How does your donation help?

With your donations to Help a Child, we build schools for them in remote and float areas. With the donations, the teachers are also receive funds so that they could stay economically stable as well. We also distribute the textbooks amongst children plus the stationary. Not only have that, but the assistive learning tools are also present there. We also deliver the tools for teaching special education for refugee children and to these schools so that no one is left behind. This is only possible when the privileged class contributes their part and helps others living a comfortable life.

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