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Every 10 Seconds A Child Dies from Hunger – World Hunger Key Facts

Every 10 Seconds A Child Dies from Hunger - World Hunger Key Facts| Food insecurity| Food scarcity | Save the children uk | child hunger uk

Food scarcity is a global issue that requires some serious attention from all the developed nations. The food shortage occurs when there is no enough production is happening. The reason for less production could be due to the problems in weather or environment. Apart from that, the unfair distribution of resources is also the cause that there is not enough food available. Not only that, where the adults are dying of hunger, every 10 seconds a child dies from hunger as well.

Children dying of hunger

Every human being requires food in order to live. Children in a war zone or in drought struck areas are deprived of sufficient food supply. This is why almost four children lose their lives every minute. Yearly, there are 3.1 million children die of hunger. When these children are under 5 years of age, they are also likely to die of malnourishment.

Two decades back, the hunger statistics were decreasing, but since 2015, they have started increasing again. In the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, it is one of the challenges to combat the hunger problem, globally.

In the Sahara region, everyone child out of three is unable to get enough food or vitamins and faces a growth deficiency. These children become liable to the system since they are unable to develop any cognitive abilities. These children are unable to perform well in education neither they learn any skills.

How is Help a Child supporting?

The Help a Child is assisting such families and children with the right amount of food without asking them for anything in return. The food is offered so that these children could focus on their education or learn some skill. The food packages are provided to the underage children so that they gain the required nutrients from a very early age.

To make all of this possible, it is very important that the donations keep coming in. it is the donations that continue the cycle and everyone gets the chance to live a decent life.

When more people give a share out of their earnings, we can nullify the statistics that every 10 seconds a child dies from hunger. Another aspect that governments need to work on is climate change, which is affecting food production to the fullest. Carbon dioxide emission is the reason behind rising temperature and global warming.

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