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Effects of Hunger and Malnutrition in Children

Effects of Hunger and Malnutrition in Children | Malnutrition | malnourished| Effects of malnutrition |Impacts of food insecurity

In order to survive, human bodies need food and that necessity is extensive in children. Children’s bodies are continuously growing and with the number of calories burning, they need food after some time. For the children in prospering regions, it is feasible to avail themselves of the food supplies, but the children who do not have access to quality food face a high level of malnutrition.

Effects of Hunger and Malnutrition in children

The effects of hunger amongst these children are not only physical but psychological also. A household that cannot provide an adequate amount of food to the children due to poverty can face headaches and depression in their behavior. This causes them to get angry all the time or without any reason. Dizziness is also the outcome of hunger in children.

On the other hand, child needs proper diet or else he or she may fall ill every now and then. The children can get underweight and would not grow as per their age.

Mostly Hunger and Malnutrition affect people living in poverty-stricken regions. It is not only in the war areas, but earthquakes or drought-hit places.

With your donations, we distribute nutrients and vitamins filled food in these areas so that the children would not suffer from malnutrition. At a young age, toddlers or infants need iron, calcium, and iodine for their growth. Lack of consumption of these elements, proves to be a great hindrance in their mental and physical upbringing. Help a Child is doing its best to deliver food to such children who are not able to consume adequate food.

Help a Child works effectively towards the distribution of funds and keep a transparent record of the things. We believe that when a child is full-on his stomach, he/ she can do better in life, especially in the classroom. An empty stomach certainly cannot interest anyone to do something productive. Intellectual competency is affected when the children are low on nutrition. The academic abilities of the child are not fulfilled when they are having food stress.

The team of Help a Child does their best to gather all the resources and improvise the lives of the future of the world. We have a number of medical teams working with us. They are continuously monitoring the effects of hunger and malnutrition in the children.

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