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Supporting Homeless Children during the Pandemic

Supporting Homeless Children during the Pandemic | |Children's organization uk| | support homeless

COVID 19 has greatly affected the adults, but as well as the children. There are a number of homeless children who do not have any other place to go during this pandemic. When we ask them to stay home stay safe, these children are clueless about it. All the shelters are shut down and they do not have any food to eat either. These children do not have any work to do so that they could earn anything for a living. All of these factors actually make life more dangerous for these street children. They are exposed to crime, violence, and economical downfall. Even when things will get back to normal, the homeless children will have more difficulties in life. It requires an extra effort for supporting homeless children.

What is Help a Child aiming for?

To make things safer and better for homeless children, Help a Child is working tirelessly to make things feasible for them. Working with other activists and the government, we are making sure that every child gets a secured life and a place to live during the lockdown.

Help a Child is sending such children to shelter homes and bringing food to them when the situation is severely serious around. We take follow-up of children by registering them. It is also very important to make sure that they are not coming across any violence or abuse. Social protection of homeless children is not to government’s responsibility only rather the charity organizations must recognize their role in these times as well. We share all such information with the government and also ask for information that could be beneficial for us in any case.

The donations collected from the people goes towards the betterment of these children who are unable to afford any shelter, food, and decent clothing. In many regions, weather is tough which makes it very problematic to survive.

We offer support and psychological assistance to Homeless children so that they could overcome any trauma during pandemics. Homeless children usually do not have any support system over whom they could rely over. This is why the onus lies over the shoulders of charity organizations to come forward and play their part.

Help a Child encourages you to volunteer with us by donating more monetary amounts so that we could reach more needy homeless children. This is the only way to serve depriving humanity when it has nowhere else to look for.

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